Koala park near Brisbane, Aus

Koala park near Brisbane, Aus
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rugby Night

Rugby Night
Rugby warm-up: Chiefs vs. Crusaders

I attended my first rugby game tonight, at the invitation of my friend, Louise. The Waikato Chiefs played the Canterbury Crusaders (of Christchurch). Crusaders won. It was much like a sporting event in the U.S.: Shout for your team; watch cheerleaders between game periods; drink another beer. Just like in the States, I had no clue about who was doing what with the ball and how many points would result. The point, for me, is the social interaction. Meet people, talk, learn something new.

One of my friend's friends I met for the first time tonight asked if I'd been happy here in New Zealand. "Delirious," I said. That's a natural state of mind, I suppose, when you're not working (although I still have small children to care for and they require, indeed, plenty of work), are still soaking up a new environment, and sun shines nearly every day. Of course I'm happy. Who wouldn't be happy? I've always heard you shouldn't chase happiness - it's fleeting and fickle. If you shouldn't chase, at least you can marinate in happiness if it finds you. Recognize bliss and smile.
Me, Karen, Louise - post-rugby at Imbibe, The Mount

Smile-worthy on this sunny Friday in autumn: a slow slog up a short mountain; conversation heading down; massage; a class field trip to the beach; sand on my feet; sand in my hair; the sound of the ocean; a short walk with a new friend; flatmate who babysits my kids; fans doing the wave at the rugby game; a band performing Billy Idol's "White Wedding" at a bar. Not a bad way to spend a day on Planet Heaven, in non-pursuit of happiness.
Treasure hunt find - fish skeleton

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  1. "marinate in happiness" Reminder to self, do this every chance I get!