Koala park near Brisbane, Aus

Koala park near Brisbane, Aus
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Autumn in Aotearoa

Autumn in Aotearoa

Autumn morning, fresh and cool.
Kids splashing in tub/Gather, gather, gather – drive to school.
Children yelling, laughing in the courtyard, chasing balls.
Smiling mums, kissing, waving goodbye.

Running in the sand, crunching shells.
Smooth ocean, bright sun, long white clouds.
Strong legs, sore back.
Green mountain, blue water, grey rocks.
Couples snapping pictures on the island.
Up the hill.
Harbor ship. Ocean freighter.

Up the sidewalk, to the little orange car.
Water, newspaper, bench.
Smooth ocean, bright sun, long white clouds.
Dread-headed, bed-headed backpackers, cradling coffee.
Memory, moment, anticipation.

Circle of mums/circle of bubs.
Singing, laughing, crying, chatting.
Baby's blue eyes/Baby's sweet-scented head.
Homemade scones with dates and butter.
Words of encouragement and praise.
Long hug, big heart, reaching out.

Bubbling soup, baking muffins.
Clearing cobwebs from the clothesline.
Hanging wash in the sun.
Last strawberries from the garden.
Newspaper, coffee.
Memory, moment, anticipation.

Kids and their people at the gate.
Backpacks, strollers, projects, notes.
Plans and play dates. Names and numbers.
"'Bye sweetie."

Hungry, stalling kids. "Let's go!"
Op Shop treasure hunt.
Spilled peanuts in car. "Pick 'em up!" (Grrr)
Home again. Muffins outside.

Driving, following directions.
There it is.
Running in the dark.
Which way? That way.
Boardwalk, trail, sidewalk, street.
New batteries, dim torch.
Strong legs, sore back.
Memory, moment, anticipation.

Arrival. Cold Margarita.
Stories about finding, meeting.
Jokes, songs, laughter.
Cool night, cold sweat, damp head.
Memory, moment, anticipation.


  1. Love this.

    I have a project I have been working on for two years (at least) called "memory, moment, motherhood." Some overlapping sentiments here.